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Retirement provision

Today's pension system is made up of the so-called three pillars:


1st pillar


Statutory pension provision (payments of compulsory contributions into the statutory pension insurance scheme throughout working life): This includes the statutory pension, the old-age insurance for farmers (AdL), the occupational pension (BSV) and the civil servants' pension.


2nd pillar


Supplementary employment-based old-age provision. This mainly includes occupational pensions, but also supplementary pensions for the public sector (ZÖD).


3rd pillar


Private pension provision (self-reliant accumulation of equity with the possibility of later consumption): Equity fund savings plans, Riester pension, Rürup pension, life insurance and real estate ownership.


We will help you with your decision. Also with regard to the Home Owners' Pension Act, which is intended to serve the goal of increasing the spread and attractiveness of tax-subsidized pension provision by improving the inclusion of owner-occupied residential property in tax-subsidized pension provision.

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