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“A business without up-to-date numbers is like flying blind in the fog without radar.”

Financial accounting and cost accounting

One of our core areas is the preparation of your ongoing financial accounting.


We'll help you right from the start. From document filing and storage to proper cash management. Setting up an open item evaluation shows you what your customers still have to pay to you and what amounts you still have to pay to your suppliers. In this way you avoid having to keep duplicate lists right from the start. We also do this for income surplus calculators, since ultimately the overview of liquidity can easily be lost here.


With the help of the DATEV account statement manager, we can call up your bank account and cash transactions electronically. This saves you time and money and BWAs & totals and balance lists are always up to date for submission to banks, etc.! We would be happy to inform you.


Setting up so-called run folders makes the filing system easier for you. The booking vouchers change between you as a client and our law firm on a monthly or quarterly basis. This will give you a quick sense of what the evaluation that we create for you should look like. Thanks to the advancing digitization technology, this workload can now also be completely avoided. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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