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“If a person can be trust, there is no need for a contract. If you can't trust him, a contract is useless . "
Paul Getty, 1892-1976, American oil billionaire


Succession planning

Due to the demographic development, thousands of entrepreneurs will inevitably have to arrange their succession in the next few years. This trend will reach its peak when the baby boomers have to settle their company succession. Qualified advice tailored to the client's respective circumstances requires profound civil and tax law as well as business management expertise, which we can offer you.  


After successful participation in the course and the performance checks, as well as presentation of the required evidence of practical experience, the German Association of Tax Consultants (DStV e.V.) will award Mr. Klaus Baden the title of Specialist Consultant for Business Succession in 2019. (DStV eV).


Together with lawyers and notaries, we accompany you in the business succession. With your individual ideas and our experience, together with professionally competent cooperation partners, we secure the transition and beyond that your economic situation and that of the successor. A threat to your existence is thereby ruled out. We take time for your concerns. A certain openness is important here, which is, however, absolutely protected by our discretion.


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