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"Those always saying 'yes' make sales.
Those also saying 'no' make profit."

Business administration

Stay up to date! Especially when it comes to your economic situation!


We analyze your company together with you.


The secret of success is to understand the other's point of view. This applies both to the relationship between consultant and client, as well as between you and your customers, suppliers, etc.

By setting up a target-perfomance comparison, monthly OPOS evaluations (open item evaluation => who still has to pay, who do I still have to pay!), cash flow statements, liquidity and industry comparison, you are “master of the situation”. We can also represent all of this graphically.

A saying from Normandy:

"If you succeed once, it may be chance.  
If you succeed twice, it may be luck.  
If you succeed three times, it is diligence and prowess."
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