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“Guidance and company."

Business start-up

Goal of the start-up path is to guide and accompany founders and young entrepreneurs through the world of entrepreneurs during their new business activity.


We are happy to help you with this.


Anyone willing to start a business in Germany is supported by numerous offers from various institutions, associations and state sponsors. In detail, these various offers are also helpful, but the abundance of offers often leads to founders losing a lot of time on their way to founding a company. With us you get all this information in a bundled form.


Many newly established businesses get into trouble because their costs are higher than their earnings. The reason for this is often that the management in question does not even know how high their costs actually are. Yet costs are an important part of planning a company's success. Only in this way can you calculate your offer prices correctly and ensure that all costs incurred are covered by the operating performance (turnover) and that the assets of your business can be maintained in the long run.


Public subsidies help from the very beginning to keep your investment in our consulting activities low as well.


Reach out to us, we are at your side. 




Are you considering starting a business in Luxembourg? In order to make it easier for entrepreneurs to set up and develop medium-sized businesses, the Luxembourg government grants a variety of financial aid.

ILBA Fiduciaire S.à r.l, our partner in Echternach, is there for you!

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