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“Payroll accounting 

derives from pay.


Trust us, so you won't

pay more in the end."

Payroll accounting

There are entrepreneurs preparing their payroll themselves. They argue: "So we know what the employees cost us each month."


We argue, "Without professional expertise and constant knowledge updates in tax and social security law, as well as the most current software (Datev), payroll may be incorrect and the business owner might end up paying too much."


"Instead of doing payroll yourself, it makes more sense to focus the company on quotations, order processing, invoicing, dunning, etc. We can tell you what employees cost, how you can save on non-wage labor costs through design options based on your entrepreneurial activities."


We reliably meet specified deadlines. This applies to the wage tax return, contribution statements for the health insurance, correspondence with the employment agency and the employers' liability insurance associations, etc.



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